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This whole game is a little play on the dutch word 'Drankorgel', which means drinker and literally translates to Booze Organ. The idea is that you mix one of the many drinks whilst playing the organ.


Begin by hitting enter

Mix the desired drink using keys  A to ;

Complete your drink by hitting the spacebar

Exit the game by tapping escape

Install instructions

Unzip and hit the .exe

Modern OpenGL and hardware is required as testing on a system only supporting OpenGL 1.1.0 resulted in complete disaster. This shouldn't be a problem for most systems


Booze Organ 1.5.zip 1 MB

Development log


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The game works for me, except for the graphics. The window shows a orange-red screen and that's all. The sounds work, though.


Thanks for the feedback I got the same issue on my laptop I'll fix it ASAP (So much for not testing :P)